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The video focuses on strategies for rapid leveling up in a game through efficient XP gain by targeting weaknesses, particularly vulnerabilities, of enemies such as orcs in fortress conquests. Key points include using build gems, BB play bonuses, strategic orc recruitment, and efficient dispatching of enemies using various methods like headshots, flame arrows, and stealth kills. "Statslock" is introduced as a method to maintain orc stats for strategic leveling. The importance of specific weaknesses like mortal flammable and soft head for instant killing is highlighted. The speaker outlines the process of fortification and recruitment, emphasizing the need for a certain number of orcs with specific weaknesses. PS4 users are directed to attack a specific fort for leveling up quickly.


In this segment of the video, the narrator demonstrates the fastest way to level up in the game, allowing for two level-ups in just three minutes. They explain how to increase XP gain through build gems and BB play bonuses. The method involves participating in friendly conquest in the online conquest mode, attacking weak orcs in their fortress, and exploiting their weaknesses to quickly gain XP. The narrator uses the grog to eliminate the orcs efficiently and will later guide viewers on how to create their fortress for this leveling strategy.


In this segment of the video, the speaker discusses how targeting weaknesses like vulnerability to headshots in enemies can aid in quick kills with the bow. They emphasize the importance of killing captains for XP gain, and demonstrate strategies for efficiently eliminating bodyguards before tackling the overlord in a fortress assault. The use of flame arrows and stealth kills to dispatch enemies quickly is highlighted. Additionally, the concept of “statslock” is introduced, where an orc’s stats are frozen by repeatedly moving them in and out of the garrison to maintain their strength/weakness levels. This method allows for strategic leveling up of orcs to increase their power effectively.


In this part of the video, the speaker discusses how a character, once weakened, cannot gain any more strengths. They mention the process of recruiting orcs for forts or as bodyguards, highlighting that a particular fort required 21 orcs. Key details include needing 20 more orcs with specific weaknesses like mortal flammable. Soft head is also mentioned as a weakness that allows for instant killing. It is important to note that a war chief can only have two bodyguards, unfollowing which may prevent the spawning of one bodyguard. Additionally, completing DLC and outpost missions is recommended before filling the map with captains, as these missions may cause orcs to disappear. PS4 users can search for Agotek and attack their fort instead of creating one. The speaker allows others to use their fort without any changes.

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