The summary of ‘How to OPTIMIZE your AMD RYZEN CPU to IMPROVE Gaming Performance in 2023!’

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The video provides a comprehensive guide on optimizing the performance of Ryzen CPUs through various methods. It covers updating drivers, clearing prefetch files, and utilizing tools like Obvious Remote for remote PC access. Key actions discussed include removing prefetch files, creating system restore points, using optimization packs, power plans, and activating unused CPU cores. The importance of adjusting core settings, downloading Ryzen Master, and following specific settings for enhanced performance is highlighted. The video concludes with a call for viewers to like, subscribe, and stay tuned for future content.


In this segment of the video, the main points covered include optimizing the performance of a Ryzen CPU by updating drivers, using services.msc to clear prefetch files to improve performance, and introducing Obvious Remote as a solution for remote PC access. Steps for updating Ryzen CPU drivers are outlined, and instruction is provided on disabling prefetch in services.msc. Obvious Remote is promoted as a tool for remote PC access with features like mirroring devices and controlling them using a virtual mouse. Links for a free trial and discount are provided in the description.


In this segment of the video, the key actions discussed include:

1. Removing prefetch files to improve PC performance by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Delete.
2. Creating a system restore point for easy recovery in case of issues.
3. Using the Ryzen CPU Optimization Pack to improve processor performance by changing CPU priority, optimizing processor, and setting power plans.
4. Using the Ultimate power plan to optimize power consumption and performance.
5. Running the unpark CPU application to activate unused CPU cores for better processing power.


In this segment of the video, the key actions include enabling all cores on the PC to run in the background by adjusting a setting to 100% for optimal performance. The next step involves downloading Ryzen Master, a tool by AMD, which unlocks the full power of Ryzen processors. The video emphasizes following specific settings provided to enhance performance, such as utilizing Auto OC and curve optimization mode. Multiple system restarts may be required during optimization, so saving work is essential. The instructions assure that the settings are safe but recommend reverting to default if issues arise. Following these steps promises improved performance for both old and new AMD Ryzen CPUs.


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