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The video discusses team building strategies for AFK Journey in different factions, emphasizing the importance of core strategies, faction bonuses, and team compositions for various game modes. The content creator highlights core teams for Graveborn, Wilders, and Lightbearers, recommending specific heroes for each faction and roles within the team. Team compositions for Maulers are also touched upon, with suggestions for tanks, damage dealers, and healers. Additionally, the video briefly covers PvP and Dream Realm strategies, mentioning evolving metas and key characters for those modes. The speaker encourages experimentation with team compositions and notes the flexibility in building teams based on individual preferences and evolving game content.


In this part of the video, the content creator discusses team building strategies for AFK Journey. They mention the core strategy of the game, which includes building teams for story mode, PvP fights, and Dream Realm. The importance of faction bonuses is highlighted, where deploying 3, 4, or 5 characters from the same faction provides extra ATK and HP bonuses. While aiming for the highest faction bonus may be unrealistic due to limited synergies, focusing on activating the initial bonus with 3 characters from the same faction is recommended. The role composition of a team is discussed, suggesting 1 Tank, 2 Damage Dealers, 1 Healer, and 1 Flexible unit for story missions. Experimenting with team compositions is encouraged, as different combinations can be effective based on the content being tackled. The Graveborn core team is highlighted as a good option for beginners due to the strength of Cecia, a first 5-star unit.


In this segment of the video, the focus is on building faction teams in the game. The YouTuber discusses how a particular hero, who is beginner-friendly, can work well in triple faction teams, not just in Graveborn. The key points highlighted include the summoned tank, AoE damage, crowd control, and the importance of Thoran as a tank due to his versatile abilities. The Graveborn core team composition is outlined as including the mentioned hero, Thoran, and either Viperian or Silvina depending on the situation. The last two spots in the team are allocated for healers and supports like Rowan and Hewynn, with the possibility of including Vala. Moving on to Wilders, the emphasis is on visually appealing units and a strong core team including Lyca, Hewynn, and either Bryon or Granny Dahnie. The importance of specific roles within the team is mentioned, such as damage dealers and tanks. Lastly, insight is provided on the Lightbearers faction, focusing on Vala as the featured unit, Marilee or Korin as potential options, and Rowan for support and healing. The absence of a tank in Lightbearers is mentioned, indicating flexibility in team composition based on individual preference and situation.


In this segment of the video, the speaker discusses team compositions for Maulers in AFK Arena. The suggested team includes tanks like Antandra or Brutus, Odie for damage output, and healers like Smokey and Meerky. Additional damage dealers such as Rhys or Seth are recommended for activating faction bonuses, with Shakir as a flexible addition. The video also briefly touches on PvP and Dream Realm strategies, highlighting the evolving meta and the importance of certain characters like Marilee and Kruger in those game modes. The speaker emphasizes that the game offers a wide range of team compositions that evolve with new character releases.

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