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The YouTube video discusses how to make money through affiliate marketing using platforms like Leonardo.da and Skillnut. The speaker emphasizes that affiliate marketing can be profitable even with low-view videos. They showcase their earnings as proof and recommend affiliate programs like Legendary Marketer, founded by David Sharp, for learning successful strategies. The video promotes the 5-day challenge by Legendary Marketer, offering coaching and training. Viewers are encouraged to join the Marketers Club for further support in setting up affiliate marketing businesses. The overall message is that affiliate marketing can be lucrative with the right strategies and platforms, even for beginners.


In this segment of the video, the speaker discusses how they make money with the Leonardo.da affiliate program by creating short videos on their channel. They explain that even videos with few views can generate surprising earnings through affiliate sign-ups. By promoting Leonardo.da, the speaker earns 25% of the money spent by referred users, showcasing proof of their earnings through the program. They emphasize that making money through affiliate marketing doesn’t require being a huge influencer or having viral videos, as demonstrated by their personal success with just a few clicks on their affiliate link. The speaker provides real examples of their earnings from affiliating with platforms like Skillnut, where even videos with low views have resulted in almost $90 in commissions.


In this segment of the video, the speaker discusses earning affiliate commissions monthly through subscriptions. By scaling up with multiple short videos and affiliate links, substantial income can be generated. The speaker recommends Legendary Marketer for learning successful affiliate marketing strategies, highlighting the program’s founder and CEO, David Sharp. Legendary Marketer offers a 5-day challenge to help beginners start an online business, providing coaching, training, and personalized support. The challenge is affordable and aims to equip participants with the knowledge and confidence to implement what they learn. David Sharp, the founder, has achieved significant online sales success, making him a reputable source of knowledge in the field.


In this segment of the video, the speaker discusses the benefits of joining Legendary Marketer, highlighting options like the Marketers Club with weekly webinars, a business blueprint for setting up an affiliate marketing business, coaching, consulting, events, and masterminds. The 5-day Learn Launch Lead challenge is recommended as a great starting point, offering fundamental skills for pursuing any marketing business. The challenge includes daily videos, assignments, free tips, software trials, and opportunities to interact with business plan advisors. Legendary Marketer has positive reviews on Trustpilot and is recommended for those new to making money online through affiliate marketing. Viewers are encouraged to use the link in the description to sign up for the challenge for just five dollars.


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